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Student Placement Process

Description of Process: This type of request would be made by an academic program (college or university) seeking placement for an entire student group as part of required credit for a course with defined objectives and structure according to the school’s curriculum. Learning objectives and expectations for student performance, along with student performance evaluation forms, should be provided by the school. The school should include a description of the learning needs and other details about the course with the request.

Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) - Contract Management Procedures: A fully executed, current MOU between the University/College and the organization* must be verified prior to the start of the student’s applied learning experience at the service area site. If a current MOU is not in place and verified, a Clinical Experience contract should be requested according to current Contract Management Guidelines. All requests and contract execution procedures are processed through the Determine system.**

*May be MOU between individual health service area and the academic program, or covered via university-wide/system-wide MOU. System Administrative Services (“SAS”) will be listed as the “vendor” for system-wide MOUs, which allows students from partner institutions to work within any and all service areas, unless otherwise specified in the MOU.

**Guidance is available via the service area’s intranet or Contract Management Department.

Process Steps: Academic program contact (faculty or administrative coordinator) completes the Student Placement Request Form and submits to Recruiting. Recruiting routes the request to appropriate service area contact(s). If the request is accepted by one or more service area locations, the supervisor (or other service area designee) should ensure that all HR/personnel requirements are met based on the service area’s requirements per the appropriate Checklist* (“Clinical” or “Non-Clinical”). The completed Checklist should be submitted to Recruiting. Students within the student group are cleared to begin the clinical experience. Recruiting should enter all student information into the accepted applicant tracking tool and save to the designated shared drive. Upon completion of the experience, student supervisors should instruct students to complete and submit the student exit survey.**

*Checklist includes requirements related to background and health screenings, liability insurance, confirmation of active MOU (including expiration date), student contact information, academic program, and graduation dates.

**Exit survey includes feedback from student related to satisfaction with experience, as well as option to request contact by system representative to discuss their experience and/or interest in career opportunities within the system. At the conclusion of the unpaid internship experience, the supervisor should complete the Student Supervisor Survey to provide recommendations for hire and submit to Recruiting.

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